Wi-Fi Health for the New Year

Troubleshooting Tips for BUYiQ Users

It’s the New Year! While many people are making resolutions to improve their health, we know you’re busy making goals for your business. What a perfect time to give your Wi-Fi a check-up!

Wi-Fi has increased the speed of business and daily life, but everything comes to an abrupt halt when there’s an issue. Whether the cause is inferior or out-of-date hardware, a poor connection, or slow speeds, solving these problems can be challenging. Genius Central is here to help! Our BUYiQ users depend on their store’s Wi-Fi network to help them order efficiently and effectively. Wi-Fi issues can throw a real wrench in the process. While we’re not an Internet Service Provider, we’ve collected a few tips to get started on improving your Wi-Fi health.


Tip #1 – Restrict Your Network

Many stores now offer free Wi-Fi for their customers. This is a great show of goodwill and support for customers, but has the potential to interfere in important store functions if not configured correctly. If you have an open network, meaning that customers are using the same unsecured Wi-Fi connection as store employees, you could encounter some real problems. If you want to offer Wi-Fi to your guests, make sure you have a protected access point for your internal processes, as well as an open access point for your customers.

In addition to the security concerns, having a shared access point can slow down your store’s processes if too many people are trying to use it at once. Check with your ISP to determine how many IP addresses, or devices, you can have on each line at one time. Even if you do have a closed system, buyers may run into delays if there are too many devices trying to access Wi-Fi at once. In addition, be aware of how people are using your Wi-Fi. Streaming content can have a major effect on Wi-Fi speed. You may have to enforce a no streaming policy among employees if that becomes problem. If you’re looking to increase your bandwidth along with your security, you may consider investing in an extra line for your store.


Tip #2 – Check Your Speed

Wi-Fi speeds can vary widely and definitely have an impact on how BUYiQ and other Wi-Fi-powered systems function. When talking about speed, it’s important to note that Wi-Fi speed can differ greatly from the speed of a hardwired device like a desktop computer. Just because your desktop (usually plugged directly in to a router) is running at full speed doesn’t necessarily indicate a fast Wi-Fi connection.

There are also differences between the upload and download speeds on a Wi-Fi connection. You can test each of these on your device by doing a speed test. Doing a simple internet search will reveal multiple options for speed tests that you can run on your devices. Google Chrome, Google Play, and Apple’s App Store all have great options available. You may have trouble using BUYiQ effectively if your download speed is too slow. Be aware that some older buildings or geographic areas may have limits as to the availability of certain Wi-Fi services.


Tip #3 – Get in Range

Fast Wi-Fi and a closed network mean nothing if you’re not in range of your router’s signal. Many retailers notice their Wi-Fi drops out in closed off areas like a walk-in cooler or a back room. You can increase the range of your Wi-Fi by mounting your router high on a wall in an unobstructed area. It may not look as pretty, but your BUYiQ users will thank you! You can also talk with your ISP about strategically adding access points throughout the store for better coverage.

These are just a few places to start in your quest for an improved Wi-Fi experience in the coming year. We highly recommend that you work closely with your ISP for any and all Wi-Fi -related concerns. They are the best equipped to answer your questions and help you maximize your Wi-Fi’s potential. Click here for our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide – a quick resource to help you ask the right questions to get started with your ISP. And, as always, feel free to contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@geniuscentral.com or 1-800-360-2231 with any additional questions you may have.