Turning Time Into Money

Retailers want to spend less time on operational tasks and more time helping customers. BUYiQ was developed to help achieve that goal. Last September, BUYiQ, the next generation of in-aisle ordering software was introduced to the market. Several retailers adopted BUYiQ early and provided us with valuable feedback. BUYiQ allowed them to cut down significantly on replenishment time and labor costs associated with ordering. BUYiQ retailers are saving over $170 with each use.

BUYiQ customers, many of whom converted from ScanGenius, are seeing many quantifiable benefits. One particularly valuable benefit to existing customers is less time spent waiting for catalogs and orders to download or HotSync. BUYiQ was built to run on mobile devices that run a Chrome, Safari or Android browser. This allows orders to be sent wirelessly to BuyingGenius, eliminating the need for HotSync. Retailer calls to our customer service team to troubleshoot HotSync issues consumed valuable time that retailers could have spent on the sales floor with their customers. Thanks to BUYiQ, we are now experiencing less calls into our customer service team, allowing our retailers to be where they are needed most – with their customers.

By design, BUYiQ scans all UPC or SKU data quickly using one software application. There is no need to switch to another app to finish scanning the aisle. BUYiQ provides access to over 700 suppliers and their full catalogs. With the provided product description, wholesale price, SRP, sale price, product status and previous order history, you have all the information needed at your fingertips to make a quick and educated purchasing decision. Our BUYiQ customers have shared with us that they are saving 30 hours per department, on average. That is a savings of $300 each time they create a department order. This allows BUYiQ to essentially pay for itself each month.

Customers using Point-of-Sale ordering are also coming to depend on GeniusCentral’s ordering products. Automated order replenishment does not always meet a retailer’s ordering needs. POS ordering does not account for shrink or provide a live product data feed with the latest product statues and deals. In-aisle ordering with GeniusCentral tools gives you the information you need and the visibility you want. Having the right tools in your store to save time and money keeps you a step ahead of the competition.