We Asked, You Answered

Genius Central Conducts Retailer Surveys – Here’s What You Said


This summer, Genius Central sent the first in a series of surveys to our retailers, and the response was amazing! These surveys are part of our continuing effort to meet the demands of the market and help our retailers achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. As we continue to work through all of the responses and follow up with our respondents, we want to share some of the valuable information we’ve received.

This first of these short surveys consisted of two questions and a field for additional comments. The first question asked retailers about three features our Development team is considering adding to the BUYiQ development schedule. These include a Special Order Management feature to simplify the special order request process, a Receiving Function to assist in backroom receiving, and Local Vendor Ordering to help connect local vendors with BUYiQ. Retailers were asked which of these 3 new features was the highest priority for their store and the results were surprising! As shown below, 37% of retailers said that a Receiving tool would be their top priority. The other two options weren’t far behind, though, with Special Order Management at 33% and Local Vendor Ordering at 30%. With such close results, our Development team can see that all of these options are valuable to our customers.

37% Receiving tool        
33% Special Order Management        33% Special Order Management

The second question asked retailers if they’d be willing to communicate with our team by participating in a pilot for the feature they chose as their highest priority in question one. Several retailers agreed that they’d be willing to work directly with us and give feedback to our Developers as they build and test these new features. This kind of direct feedback is incredibly valuable to us and ultimately, to our customers as well. Our products reach a higher level of efficiency and usability when we have the input of our users.

In addition to the survey answers, we received several retailer comments. The comments section is a great place to make suggestions, ask questions, and generally let us know how we’re doing. We’re currently in the process of responding to the comments that require immediate action. Comments have been divided between the Development team, Customer Service, Product Owners, and Marketing according to the response they require.

As we continue to send additional surveys, we hope you will take the opportunity to participate and provide your valuable feedback. Watch for our upcoming surveys, and please feel free to contact us with feedback anytime! If you have not received one of our surveys and would like to participate in the future and share your thoughts with us, please click here. You can also reach our Customer Service team at customerservice@geniuscentral.com or call us at 1-800-360-2231.