Order Processing

Streamlined Electronic Ordering




Flexibility and Accuracy

Automated Solutions for Managing Purchase Orders and Invoices

Save Time

Eliminate the need for up to 95% of manual order entry processing purchase orders from retailers electronically.

Improve Accuracy

Automating orders reduces the possibility of human error, resulting in more accurate order processing. Increasing your data entry accuracy by up to 99% means saving money and adding to the bottom line.

Increase Transparency

Increases purchase order and invoice processing speeds, providing quicker access to reporting leading to quicker reaction times to trends and increased order cycle times.

Did You Know?

Manufacturers lose $2 million for every $1 billion in sales due to bad data from errors.

Additional features

Electronic Order Record

Advanced Shipping Notifications

Electronic Order Acknowledgments

Electronic Invoices

Extensive Retailer Network

Standardized Exchange File Formats

EDI, FTP, XML, SOAP, Web, Email

Supply Pipeline Visiblity