It’s Your Data — Put It To Good Use.

The “Smart Stores Start Here” Solution

Can’t see your store’s special pricing on your device? Using multiple order methods? Not sure how much to buy? Sometimes ordering feels like a guessing game…but it doesn’t have to. Make your ordering data work for you with DetaSynQ. Get your store’s negotiated pricing and deals, manage your approved products, and scan every vendor you stock. Plus, get movement data right in the aisle. Stop guessing and take charge of your data with DetaSynQ.

Local Vendor Icon

Buy Local

Electronically order from every vendor in your store, all with one device. Local vendors too!

Fresh Data Icon

Fresh Data

Manage your product list, your min/max settings, and your inventory with fresh data loaded daily.

Inventory Icon

Inventory Control

Gain control over your inventory with in-aisle movement data and orders stored all in one place.

Additional features

Order from ALL YOUR Vendors

View Retailer Specific Pricing

Fresh Industry Product Data

Integrates with BUYiQ

Control Product Min/Max

Set Approved Products

Daily Data Updates

Admin Level Controls

Local Vendor

Give your local vendor ordering process an upgrade with the NEW Local Vendor Ordering add-on for BUYiQ!
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