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You’ve Got It. Now Flaunt It.

Your Point-of-Sale can be so much more. Maximize its potential with OrderLinQ, the integration software that turns your cash register into a money-saving, vendor data filled powerhouse. Download catalogs and invoices, get up-to-date deals and pricing info, create and submit your orders electronically, and save time and money. Amp up your ordering efficiency with OrderLinQ.


Increased Accuracy

Less manual data entry means fewer mistakes. Which means less hassle for you.


More Profitable

Save money by utilizing your existing POS for ordering, inventory, and reconciliation.


Better Efficiency

Streamline your ordering process from start to finish with downloaded catalogs and invoices.

Key Features & Benefits

Updated Vendor Catalogs, Pricing, and Deals

Simple Electronic Invoice Reconciliation

Add New Products with Product Search

Increased Order Accuracy

Reduces Manual Data Entry

Better Margins from Updated Pricing

Visibility on Deals and Sample Offers

Imported Invoices for Inventory Management

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