All of Your Vendors in One Place

Complete Ordering Solution with DetaSynQ

Imagine how easy ordering could be if all of your suppliers were available to order using one solution!
BUYiQ with DetaSynQ delivers that opportunity. Integrating DetaSynQ with BUYiQ enables retailers to upload information for all of their suppliers, including small local vendors, so every product they order is available in one convenient in-aisle ordering service.DetaSynQ allows retailers to make smart purchasing decisions and set admin level controls, including approved product lists and minimum and maximum order quantities. All buyers, for every department, will know exactly what they can order and how much they should buy.

Carlee Dempsey of New Seasons Market shared her experience using the system:

“Being able to electronically order from all our vendors has saved us a huge amount of time. And getting to see our store’s specific pricing and our own approved product lists has really reduced ordering errors and helped our buyers make more informed ordering decisions.”

What BUYiQ with DetaSynQ Can Do for Your Store

Customized and complete ordering information. One system, one resource for all of your orders. From the largest national supplier to the smallest local vendor, all wholesale purchasing information is available in one integrated ordering system.

Simplify ordering processes. Eliminate the need to call, fax, or email your orders in a dozen different directions. This convenient and complete electronic ordering solution reduces a complicated task to a simple process, improving efficiency and saving time.

Make informed buying decisions. DetaSynQ’s data exchange is updated daily with information about wholesale pricing, specials, buy-in dates, and set min/max quantities.

Increase profitability. When all the data is readily available, better decisions can be made and profits can be increased. DetaSynQ’s data visibility provides the right information at the right time, helping to reduce out-of-stocks or overstocked inventory.

Establish administrative controls. DetaSynQ offers the ability to manage purchasing by setting approved products lists and minimum/maximum ordering parameters at the store and department levels.

Eliminate errors. Purchase orders can be imported, reviewed, and edited if need be in MyGeniusCentral before they are sent out.

Save time. Time spent ordering is significantly reduced using DetaSynQ’s complete ordering solution. Additionally, retail operations teams will not need to spend time in chasing down accurate and current ordering data. DetaSynQ customers report up to 60% reduction in time spent on ordering, freeing up considerable time that can be better used on merchandising, product education and taking care of customers.

Quick ROI. Reduced labor expense alone can add up to $774 in savings every month. By taking advantage of over 100,000 deals offered every month, including multi-tiered specials and mix-and-match offers, retailers can save over $50 per order, adding up to a potential $735 per month savings. BUYiQ with DetaSynQ will pay for itself within weeks.

Learn more about BUYiQ with DetaSynQ here. Contact us at 1-800-360-2231 if you would like further information on implementing this complete ordering solution in your retail operations.