Time to Go Local

Staying competitive means staying in business. Competition from online stores like Amazon is driving independent retailers to find more creative strategies for staying relevant and profitable in their communities. One strategy that’s proven its effectiveness is a greater reliance on local products and vendors.


Why Order Local?

Shoppers looking for natural products have more options today than ever before. Conventional grocery stores are expanding their natural and organic selection and there is an ever-growing list of online retailers. How can you drive those healthy shoppers to your store and not the grocery store down the street? Offer them products they can’t find anywhere else. And with the recent news that Whole Foods is making it more difficult for smaller brands to make it onto their shelves, the timing is perfect for independent retailers to diversify their product mix and snatch up that local business. As an added bonus, including more locally sourced products can help form a stronger connection to your community and adds to the overall character of your store!


More Vendors, More Hassle?

Carrying products from local vendors can help you better compete. But, the truth remains that ordering from them can be a time-consuming process. Calling in, faxing and emailing orders can take you off the floor and away from your customers. If stocking more local products is the goal, then how can you accomplish that without slowing down your ordering process or increasing your labor costs?


We’ve Got Your Back!

Genius Central is helping to close that gap. We’re making it easier to order from your local vendors with our Local Vendor Ordering add-on for BUYiQ. This solution seamlessly integrates with BUYiQ to let you order electronically from every vendor in your store – from the largest distributor to the smallest local vendor.

Local Vendor Ordering offers retailers a lot of benefits, particularly:

  • Order all of your products electronically with one device
  • Keep a record of all your purchases in one centralized location
  • Cut your time ordering from local vendors by up to 70%
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Better compete with online retailers

This new add-on for BUYiQ allows you to upload catalogs for any vendor that does not currently exist in our vendor database – not just vendors in your zip code – essentially creating a private catalog for your store. You have the ability to manage these catalogs fully, with our help, letting you easily create an order in BUYiQ.

Save time and money, improve your product mix, support your local vendors, and simplify your ordering process, all with Local Vendor Ordering from Genius Central. Visit us here or contact us at 1-800-360-2231 to learn more.