Letter from the President – May 17

As we approach the summer months, GeniusCentral is running at full speed in our new offices in Bradenton, Florida. We’re excited to be on the cusp of releasing BUYiQ 2.0, the latest version of our in-aisle ordering software. BUYiQ 2.0 is now in the hands of several of our customers for field testing and we are on track for release on June 13th. Included in the release will be our interactive tiered promotions allowing you to easily take advantage of multi-faceted deals in the aisle without having to stop and call or fax your rep. Some early feedback we’ve received of the new version includes: “I really like the Previous Order display,” “It’s nice having the totals updating perpetually,” “I miss the plus and minus buttons,” “I like that I don’t have to scroll up and down,” “the swiping is really good,” plus many more detailed comments and suggestions. If you are a BUYiQ user and haven’t yet familiarized yourself with the changes coming, CLICK HERE to access some training materials.

This summer, our development team is working on our new, keyword driven Mobile Product Search which will be embedded in BUYiQ and will form the nucleus for our next generation, mobile retailer portal. Our vision is to rework all the best parts of MyGeniusCentral into a mobile platform that you can use on any mobile device, or on your laptop or desktop. Our customers are already providing feedback on what tasks they prefer to do on the portal before and after they use BUYiQ in the aisle. We will be reaching out along the way to collect stories of how you use MGC.com and your recommendations for features and functions in the new mobile version. If you have recommendations that you’d like to share now, email us at feedback@geniuscentral.com.

We’re also reworking our ordering platform, including major upgrades to the Drag and Drop function that allows purchase orders to be loaded more easily into the system. We have a list of about 60 stores that use this tool now, and we want your opinions on what we can do to improve the utility of this feature. The Drag and Drop project is part of an overall focus on how we can provide added value to stores using a variety of POS and back-end systems. We’ve spent a few months now collecting important information from our customers with LOC SMS, BRdata and other POS or back-end systems and are in the process of making some major improvements to how upgrades in our system can make retailers more efficient through integrated applications.

If you’re interested in participating in our various projects as a field-testing participant, please reach out to us at 800.360.2231.