Getting Order Around Orders

You could walk into any size business right this moment and ask if they were planning on automating some business process and bet on getting a YES at every single business. In this competitive technology market, there are hundreds of solutions for automation and with that competition comes lower prices. With this evolution, automation is in reach for your business.

Manually processing orders can be daunting, costly and time consuming for manufacturers in this industry. Orders flying in from thousands of different retailers all in different formats can cause unnecessary time consumption, which can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Not to mention, manually entering orders is plagued with entry errors in quantity, wrong product or dollar amount. These errors can add up quickly. The time lost correcting these mistakes is time that could be spent working more efficiently in other areas.

Automating orders is fairly simple to implement, with the actual cost a tiny fraction of most company’s sales revenues. Benefits from automating orders include consistency, improved efficiency, reduced errors, faster order cycles, improved transparency and decreased costs. Decreasing an operation cost often makes CFO’s very happy.

Did you know a supplier can spend anywhere from $6 – $8 to enter each purchase order? This cost does not account for the errors resulting in lost product, cost, margin or time. Many supply chain studies show that the actual average cost of processing a single purchase order could be as much as $10-$20 depending on the type of business. Business can save 62% in order processing costs if they just automate that one process. Do you know how much it is costing to process your orders?