GeniusCentral Announces Release of BUYiQ

GeniusCentral announced today the release of BUYiQ, the next generation in their suite of in-aisle ordering software. BUYiQ offers retailers several enhancements over legacy ordering solutions, such as wireless technology and increased scan speed, all without needing to load or unload vendor catalogs. BUYiQ is the first wireless, multi-vendor ordering software developed by GeniusCentral with a network of over 700 major manufacturers and distributors. BUYiQ was developed to help retailers create faster, more accurate orders from almost any vendor utilizing only one mobile device.

“We are excited about the launch of BUYiQ. This product is going to provide greater efficiencies for our retail customers,” said Russ Stange, VP of Retail Sales at GeniusCentral. “Retailers in our beta program have been integral in assisting us with developing BUYiQ functions. This launch will be a turning point for the company and I’m thrilled to be leading the charge.”

The initial launch of BUYiQ features a version developed in conjunction with several retailers, ensuring a market-desired product was delivered. As the deployment into more retail locations increases, feedback will continue to be collected and allow GeniusCentral to focus on delivering the most useful features for the market.

“By utilizing the Agile project management strategy along with close collaboration with our customers, GeniusCentral has been able to develop a product containing both cutting edge technology and the most intuitive features that our retailers want and need” said Dominic Dietz, Product Owner.

Expo East in Baltimore will be the launch site of BUYiQ. Retailers will be able to visit the GeniusCentral booth, 2225, to see a live demo of the software in action. Introductory pricing on BUYiQ will be offered to qualifying retailers through October 1st.