Sample Offers in BUYiQ

Facilitating Communication Between Retailers & Suppliers


BUYiQ Sample buttonBringing in a new product can often be a stressful gamble. Will this product be something my customers want? Does this product adhere to my store’s quality standards? To help relieve some of the mystery associated with adding a new product to your store’s mix, BUYiQ now lets you view and request free samples right in the aisle. The NEW Sample Center function allows you to try a new product before ordering for the shelf and helps take some of the guess work out of new product placement. 

The Sample Center has always been available in, BUYiQ’s retailer ordering portal. But in the interest of giving retailers multiple points of access to information within our system, we’ve made Sample Offers available directly in BUYiQ as well. This means that you have more product visibility right when you’re making purchasing decisions in the aisle.

BUYiQ Sample CenterWhen scanning a product from a brand for which there is a sample offer available, a Sample button will appear on the scan screen in BUYiQ. For instance, if you scan a EVO HEMP product and there is a sample available from EVO HEMP, you will see the Sample button appear. This provides the opportunity for buyers to become aware of and quickly request new products offered from brands they know, trust and already stock. According to Erin Husser, Product Owner, “You’re getting something relevant to your store. You’ll see offers for brands you’re already ordering and selling. And you’ll be among the first to try those new products, and potentially present them to your customers.” There is also a new page in the BUYiQ menu that lists all current sample offers, so you can try new brands if you want to expand your product offerings.

“The Sample Center in BUYiQ broadens and deepens the communication channel between suppliers and retailers, allowing retailers to get their hands on new products more quickly, and allowing suppliers to get retailer and consumer feedback. It feeds the synergy between suppliers and retailers,” says Husser. “Improved communication benefits everyone.”

Requesting a sample in BUYiQ is easy – just tap on the Sample button and review your shipping information. Contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-360-2231 x2 if you have any questions.