BUYiQ Tips and Tricks

Retailers are always looking for the best ways to save time, money and improve their business. GeniusCentral’s products have been designed to offer them the tools to accomplish those goals. Our most recent product, BUYiQ, has provided its users with an easy-to-use in-aisle ordering software that has surpassed ScanGenius in both features and functionality. However, we’ve often discovered that our BUYiQ users may not be using those features to their fullest potential, or even at all. This article shares some of those tips and tricks our customer service team have been sharing with our BUYiQ users that have allowed them use the product more efficiently and effectively – saving them both time and money.

Inventory Management

End-of-Year inventory is one of those necessary evils in the retail industry. It allows retailers to track the goods they have on-hand and make adjustments to account for loss. What many retailers have learned, however, is that conducting inventory periodically throughout the year can be just as beneficial, if not necessary, to the success and profitability of their business. What some retailers many not know is that BUYiQ can help conduct these periodic inventory checks throughout the year. Users simply change the scan mode from “Order” to “Inventory” and start scanning all of the items they wish to inventory. For example, choosing one section each week to inventory can help catch things such as incorrect shelf tag pricing, incorrect inventory quantities, persistent out-of-stocks, and product loss due to theft – all things that affect the bottom line. Conducting these on-the-spot inventory checks using BUYiQ’s Inventory Mode can help improve margin and even alleviate some of that end-of-year stress.

Shelf Tags

Missing or inaccurate shelf tags can annoy customers and plague a business’ bottom line. Customers have an expectation to pay the price advertised on the shelf tag. If the product rings up at a different price than the shelf tag, and a disappointed customer could result in lost margin having to rectify the situation. Being able to quickly identify and print needed shelf tags can help prevent issues such as a disappointed customer, or a buyer missing out on re-ordering an out-of-stock product because the tag has gone missing. What some retailers may not know is that our BUYiQ software allows them to select those items that need shelf tags and quickly send them to their MyGeniusCentral account to be printed. Users can scan all the products needing a new shelf tag at one time, creating a batch of UPCs using the Shelf Tag Mode. Or, they can select tags when they’re creating an order. An added plus of the shelf tag feature is that the tags are printed in the order they are scanned, instead of in UPC order. This allows a store employee to quickly find and tag those items on the sales floor.

Choose Your Supplier

Most retailers order from a wide variety of suppliers. A hallmark of our BUYiQ product is its ability to generate orders for multiple suppliers on one in-aisle device. But what some retailers may not know is that with BUYiQ they also have the ability to view all of the available vendors that carry a particular item when they’re creating their order. This valuable feature allows retailers to select the vendor they wish to source the product from right at the point of ordering. For example, a retailer typically orders Product A from a distributor. They just learned from the brand’s sales rep that Product A is available on line drive throughout the month if they order direct. To choose the direct supplier as the source of purchase, the retailer can select the direct supplier from the drop down menu above the scanned Product A. In order to source their purchase from the direct supplier, the retailer must have the supplier ranked in their account and have an account established with the supplier. This quick-and-easy selection allows a retailer to save money, improve margin and even pass along the savings to their customer by setting a sale price on that item.

Learn More . . . Save More

Profitability and success in retail requires acquiring as many useful tools as possible: a great point-of-sale system, a stellar team of employees, outstanding customer service, informed buyers, etc. When retailers get their hands on a valuable tool like BUYiQ to help place their orders, learning the ins-and-outs of its features and functions will maximize the benefit it can provide their business. This article has touched on just a few of those features that help a retailer to improve their overall profitability. To learn more about additional tips and tricks, please contact our expert customer service team today at 800.360.2231. If you’d like to learn about how BUYiQ has helped one retailer in North Carolina save time and money, CLICK HERE to download a BUYiQ case study.